July 11, 2020

Democrat Party Media

After coming to the United States from East Berlin, I am beginning to see a disturbing similarity between The news in a communist dictatorship and our US media. The communist Party controlled the news in east Germany. When turning on the news you would see patriotic positive reviews of the dictatorship with no negatives There was no crime reported, therefore there was no crime or even crime statistics that only happens in the west. When turning on the east German TV one would see communist flags and the great results from the last 5 year plan. Reality of the brutal regime was felt in real terms but never reflected in the news.

The same sort of thing in beginning to happen here. Remember the Democratic Party is moving drastically to the left. Even an outright socialist is running for the presidency. The truth about the effect of the policies that affect all of us is not being reported. The Obama care laws are one example were no one knows the effect of this legislation. We also do not know the cost or the effectiveness of this law. Have we really provided insurance for 40 million uninsured persons or was that number just another lie we will never know.

Since we have opposition candidates making powerful arguments against the the incumbent Democrats. The left wing media will consult their political allies and try to discredit or ignore relevancy to undermine any conservative. An example would be Donald Trump. He started his campaign by pointing out one element of poor administration. It was the illegal alien. In east Berlin the equivalent would be to say that 5 year plan report was wrong. Now it is time to circle the wagons and get this mean and evil person. The truth is not important, the party line is to be unquestioned. One of the things that happened around Donald Trumps announcement was a factual killing involving an illegal alien. This fact clearly showed the functional reality of a failed immigration policy. The media has not reported on similar crimes since that day in an effort to eliminate the issue. These incidents continue to happen but since the media controls the content we will never know. As time goes on it will only get worse and all we get is filtered MSNBC reports called news.