September 27, 2020

How Much Taxation Would Fund Current Spending?

To best understand this spending aspect of the current budget negotiations in Washington, we must answer one crucial question: how much taxation on the top income-earners would be required to fully fund the present level of government spending? To do so, we must first make the unreasonable assumption that the rich will not respond to […]

Would Obama Incite Civil Unrest to Win?

Is President Obama willing to incite civil unrest to win re-election?  As we have all been encouraged to wear our dog-whistle decoders these days, one can hardly be blamed for wondering.  Worse yet, we know the answer.  He is already doing it. Please bear with me, as this topic requires considerable delicacy.  According to Rolling […]

How the Financial Collapse Would Happen in an Obama Second Term

The stakes in the coming election could not be higher.  While crystal ball-gazing always is hazardous, the trail America’s economy would follow, should President Obama’s re-election effort succeed, has already been blazed.  Naturally, the media will tell you none of this. The upcoming election, despite the best efforts of the Obama campaign, the mainstream media, […]

What Would Che Think of Same-Sex Marriage?

About thirty years ago, trying to scratch out a living as a free-lance photo-journalist, I took an assignment from the Kansas City Star Magazine to write about the city’s gay church, the Metropolitan Community Church by name.  In the course of my research, I covered a gay wedding, equal parts traditional and transgressive, to wit, […]

Whom the Gods Would Destroy

It seems that Obama, in a classic act of hubris, has created the means of his own destruction.  Through his great historical contribution, his health care bill, he has struck what was surely intended to be a lethal blow against the oldest organization on earth — an organization with something on the order of a […]

Mark Wahlberg: I Would Have Saved Flight 93 on 9/11

Via Men’s Journal: . . .On being scheduled to be on one of the planes that crashed into the World Trade Center: “If I was on that plane with my kids, it wouldn’t have went down like it did. There would have been a lot of blood in that first-class cabin and then me saying, […]

How Would Obama Possibly Know….?

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Quin Hillyer on 1.10.12 @ 12:08PM Barack Obama has been quoted saying that Republicans threaten the “very core of what this country stands for.” How the heck would he know? Oh, he might know about Republicans, all right — but does he know even the slightest thing […]

The Answer That Would Have Won the Nomination

To say the moment was ripe for any earnest conservative who wanted to capture the Republican nomination for president would be an understatement.  As Diane Sawyer sniffled out a question that makes even the most fanatical bleeding heart look cold, she dangled a low-hanging fruit for any of the candidates to pluck with ease.  To […]

Would You Have Sex With Chris Dodd in a Hot Tub?

Via The Hill: Holy Obi-Wan Kenobi! “Star Wars” actress Carrie Fisher claims the late Sen. Ted Kennedy (D-Mass.) asked her some pretty frank questions while dining out with the star and former Sen. Chris Dodd (D-Conn.). According to published excerpts from Fisher’s new book, “Shockaholic,” the entertainer, best known for her role as Princess Leia, […]

Would Obama Retaliate against a Nuclear Attack?

What if a Muslim country, such as Iran, launched a nuclear attack against us, or if agents aligned with Pakistan using dirty bombs were to attack America?  Would Barack Hussein Obama retaliate with nuclear force, as has been our stated policy since the 1950s?  Would he even unleash a barrage of non-nuclear shock and awe […]