June 22, 2021

How the Left Dupes Conservative Voters

Too little serious conservative analysis of the 2012 presidential campaign has yet appeared. This is understandable. The results of the election were disheartening to the point of shock. The campaign defied all historical precedent, all commonsense interpretation. The Romney ticket should not have lost and did not deserve to lose. The Democrats, fielding the least […]

Voters Decide on President by Body Language: Romney Won the Presidency Last Night

Words don’t matter as much as body language when voters decide on the man they trust to lead the nation.  Despite all the policy debates, all the fact checking, all the pundits, we don’t weigh and balance and research, not most of us.  We don’t even use our forebrains.  We use the most primitive part […]

Voters trickle into Ivory Coast legislative polls

In this Friday, Dec. 9, 2011 photo, supporters of legislative election candidates from the party of president Alassane Ouattara march through the streets of the Abobo neighborhood, Abidjan, on the final day of campaigning ahead of Sunday legislative elections, in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. The poster at front reads ‘United, to reconstruct Abobo.’ The demonstration is […]

Voters Wrestle with Illegal Immigrant Realities

Explaining our illegal immigration problem is simple, yet few get around to actually doing it. Simply, it is the result of decades of bad border policy plus a few supply and demand realities. Understanding this is the key to figuring out a solution, yet so many get sidetracked by emotional tangents instead. And with liberals […]

Is Turner a Turning Point for Jewish Voters?

Print Email Text Size AmSpecBlog By Aaron Goldstein on 9.14.11 @ 5:30PM Bob Turner’s victory in the early hours of this morning in New York’s Ninth Congressional District is certainly in part a rebuke of President Obama’s overt hostility towards Israel. But does Turner’s triumph represent a turning point for Jewish voters at large when […]