June 22, 2021

Dangerous Times: Inspector Clouseau Brings Peace

A nuclear arms race is now arising in the Middle East, starting with an Iranian nuke, then a Saudi and Egyptian one. Nobody knows the end game. Obama’s biggest legacy may be worldwide instability for years to come. This administration is coming to an end. If you take away its corruption and thuggery, its constant […]

Dangerous Times: A Looming Strategic Disaster in the Middle East.

If you think ObamaCare is bad, just wait till you hear the new “peace” agreement that is due to be imposed on the Middle East over the coming weeks. Even if it works, a giant if, it will make the world much more dangerous: 1. Iran will have nuclear weapons, or it will be balanced […]

Dangerous Times: Obama and the Crisis of Evil

The Atlantic, November 2, 2012: Obama’s Crystal-Clear Promise to Stop Iran From Getting a Nuclear Weapon. USA Today, October 25, 2013: Iran bomb one month away. The New Republic, March 2, 2012. “…never has an American president treated an Israeli prime minister with such shabbiness as Obama has treated Netanyahu.” Daily Blaze, November 8, 2013: […]

Dangerous Times: Is Rouhani Rolling Obama?

When Mullah Rouhani was smiling for the abject media in New York the other week, Obama got double-teamed but good. The President of the United States asked to meet Rouhani three different times and was refused three times. Then when the truck bomber of the U.S. Marine Barracks of 1984 flew back to Tehran, he […]

Dangerous Times: Obama Bows to the Mullahs

It looks like the fix is in. The mullahs will certainly get their nukes and ICBMs, and neither Israel nor the Saudis (who are scared to death of the mullahs) will rely on American protection as long as Obama is in office. Obama just put out the welcome mat for Mullah Rouhani, the killer of […]

Dangerous Times: The Crisis-Monger

Obama thrives on crises, not solutions. That’s the key to this whole administration. The budget crisis today is the direct result of five years of over-the-top deficit spending, all demanded by Obama, who doesn’t really care if the economy gets better or not.  Either way, he will blame the Republicans, with the unanimous support of […]

Dangerous Times: Europe’s New Crypto Cults Don’t Hate Islam

There is something strange about the fast-rising European “crypto fascist” movements. They are peas in a pod — with similar political programs, and similar nationalist and anti-capitalist rhetoric. They all hate the two Satans of Iranian propaganda, Israel and America. Yes, the Persian Gulf supplies 40% of Europe’s oil and therefore has vast political power […]

Dangerous Times: Will Shale beat Shari’ah?

A week after the Boston Marathon bombing, Conservative London Mayor Boris Johnson wrote a shameless puff-piece celebrating the glories of “sensuous” camel racing in the Gulf emirates in the London Telegraph. Gulf Arabs, including the Saudi Arabians, are huge terrorist enablers, big European spenders, London party animals, media investors, sexual abusers, wife beaters, Euro-American arms purchasers, […]

Dangerous Times: When Paranoids Do Politics

In 1927, Jozef Stalin summoned the Russian neurologist Bekhterev to give a medical examination of the dictator.  Later that day, Bekhterev returned to a medical meeting and told colleagues, “I have just examined a paranoiac with a short, dry hand.”  Stalin’s left arm was shorter and weaker than the other.  The following day, Bekhterev was […]

Dangerous Times: America will Survive Obama

Can America survive the age of O? Many conservatives are worried sick. Some friends invited me to their Passover seder the other night, and for the first time I really paid attention to the meaning of the words. As you know, the seder celebrates the liberation of the Hebrew people — the Jews — from […]