May 31, 2020

‘There Has to be a System’

Some years ago I was discussing conservative health care ideas with a liberal ex-pat Brit. This was when Obamacare was just a gleam in Obama’s eye. Her comeback was that “there has to be a system.” I mentioned that to Lady Marjorie, who is blasting into orbit right now that her individual health insurance plan […]

Before the Gosnell Blackout, There Was Tiller’s

If there was any real difference between what the late abortionist George Tiller did in Wichita over the course of his long career and what Kermit Gosnell did in Philadelphia, it was hygiene. Tiller had a largely white, middle-class clientele.  They came to him from all over the world.  Before his murder in 2009, he […]

There Is No Party of Principle

The 2008 and 2012 elections have revealed that an escalating number, perhaps a majority, of Americans are comfortable with the concept of transforming the United States into a Euro-Socialist democracy.  While this may be easily sold to an increasingly ill-educated populace by those desirous of capturing political power, the reality is far different when it […]