September 27, 2020

Obamacare: Sicker Than We Thought

For far too long, opponents of the Affordable Care Act focused on a malfunctioning website, which is akin to complaining that a guillotine’s blade isn’t sharp enough.  The process doesn’t really matter, if folks end up with their heads on platters.Even as Barack Obama does a NASCAR-like victory lap, claiming 8 million enrollees (Full disclosure: the […]

Why a Bad Deal is Worse Than No Deal

Based on good reporting by the WaPost’s Chris Cillizza, showing that more Dems are vulnerable in 2014 than GOPers, I explain at CFIF why a bad deal is worse than no deal. Defense cuts do worry the heck out of me, but I think Congress will go back soon and restore the defense spending. Aside […]

Obama More ‘Extreme’ Than Thou

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Larry Thornberry on 7.7.12 @ 12:34PM A Rasmussen survey of likely voters taken June 29-30 shows that Democrats have work left to do to convince the electorate that Mitt Romney specifically and Republicans generally are “extremist.” In fact, 47 percent of respondents said they consider President Obama’s […]

Washington Post Tougher on Romney than Hezb’allah Killer of 241 Marines

The Washington Post recently used the word “troubling” in a headline describing Mitt Romney’s behavior as a teenager, and insisted in a subsequent column that his conduct in 1965 plays a vital role in providing clues to his current character. Remarkably, this is the same newspaper that has featured commentaries by terrorist kingpins and never […]

Why Some Government Spending Is Better Than Others . . .

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Hunter Baker on 2.24.12 @ 10:46AM We are hearing a great deal at the moment about government austerity, especially in Europe, as various states attempt to deal with massive budget crises resulting from a combination of low growth, bad demographics, and overly rich welfare programs. European Central […]

Americans Are Better Than Who Obama Thinks We Are

Along with their ever-present accusation that anyone who criticizes or disagrees with America’s first black president is a racist, class envy is the centerpiece of Obama’s re-election campaign. It is extremely disheartening that the president of the United States believes he can win the votes of a majority of Americans by exploiting the sin of […]

We Know More About Jesus’s Birth Than Obama’s

A few years back, the Harvard-educated Paul Mirecki, then head of the Religious Studies Department at Kansas University, proposed a new class.   His goal, as he told his cohorts in an atheist and agnostic chat room, was to give “fundies” — i.e., orthodox Christians — “a nice slap in their big fat face by teaching […]

Obamacare Case Bigger than Roe v. Wade

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Joseph Lawler on 11.14.11 @ 12:31PM Here’s a Rorschach Test for conservatives: could the Obamacare suit turn out to be a bigger Supreme Court decision than Roe v. Wade?  Ilya Shapiro of the libertarian Cato Institute thinks so:  Indeed, this litigation implicates the future of the Republic […]

Free Trade Agreements, Better Late Than Never

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By John Tabin on 10.12.11 @ 10:14PM Some good news from Capitol Hill: The House and Senate both passed the pending free trade agreements with Colombia, Panama, and South Korea this evening. But all of these deals were negotiated during the Bush administration (before getting stalled in the […]

Obama’s Math: More Fuzz Than a Peach

He’s looking more like a bobblehead every time he speaks.  From left to right, nose in the air, all the while talking down to those of us he views as stupid.  Well, we may be stupid, but we certainly can add, subtract, multiply, and divide better than the POTUS can. In Obama’s fist-pounding, finger-pointing, bellyaching […]