May 31, 2020

Ireland, Beware the ‘Suicide’ Exemption

The death in an Irish hospital of Savita Halappanavar in October has galvanized pro-abortion activists in Ireland and around the world.  Their goal is to force Ireland, one of the few places in the western world where abortion is illegal, to show its modernity by signing on to the culture of death. The fact that Savita’s […]

Desperate for Attention, Maher Calls for Hannity’s Suicide

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Jeffrey Lord on 11.19.12 @ 11:34AM You have to love this. There’s Bill Maher out there, in typical left-wing warm and fuzzy mode, urging Sean Hannity to commit suicide. Really. You have to love it when Maher realizes the only way he can get an audience is to attack […]

Arab Winter Watch: Moroccan Girl Commits Suicide After Forced Marriage to Rapist

Via al Arabiya: A 16-year-old Moroccan girl has committed suicide after a judge ordered her to marry her rapist, according to Moroccan media reports. Last year Amina’s parents filed charges against their daughter’s rapist, a man 10 years older than her but it was only recently that a judge in the northern city of Tangier […]

Meet the Taliban’s Child Suicide Bombers

Via The Telegraph: The mission was as simple as touching two wires together, the little boy was promised. The resulting blast would obliterate the American infidels – but God would spare him from the flame and shrapnel. Abdul Samat would be unharmed and free to run back to the men who had fitted his bomb […]

Ryan Pushes Back Against Gingrich’s “Suicide” Comment

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Joseph Lawler on 12.14.11 @ 12:14PM Rep. Paul Ryan tells Robert Costa that he’s not impressed by Newt Gingrich’s recommendation that Republicans avoid unpopular agenda items to avoid political “suicide”: Ryan, in an interview with National Review Online, says that he disagrees with Gingrich, and urges Republicans to […]