October 31, 2020

New study from China helps to prove the Abortion-Breast Cancer Link

In the US we are used to abortion advocates claiming that the risk of elective abortion is relatively trivial, and major medical organizations denying any link between abortion and breast cancer. Now a powerful new study from China published last week by Yubei Huang and colleagues suggests otherwise.  The article, a meta-analysis pooling 36 studies […]

Beijing Says Chen Can Apply to Study Abroad

Via New York Times: China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that the dissident Chen Guangcheng can apply to study outside China in the same manner as more than 300,000 Chinese students already abroad, signaling a possible breakthrough in a diplomatic crisis that has deeply embarrassed the White House and threatens to sour relations with Beijing. […]

Finally! Scientists Using Bikini-Clad Women to Bait Sharks for Study

Via ABC News: Girl. Bikini. Shark. The only thing missing are two notes on a tuba – duhm, duhm – that ominous, iconic indication that “Jaws” is about to turn the water blood red. But here in the shark infested waters off the South African coast, the women are not actresses and the sharks are […]

Study: More False Alarms with Annual Mammograms

(AP) – A new study supports getting mammograms every other year instead of annually. It finds that more than 60 percent of women who get tested each year for a decade will be called back at least once for extra tests that turn out not to show breast cancer. Screening every other year, as a […]