June 22, 2021

A Constitutional Strategy to Stop NSA Spying

The National Security Agency looks at literally millions of phone records.  It captures millions of e-mails.  It sifts through millions of megabytes of private data. And it does this all without following the requirements of the Fourth Amendment. It can be stopped.  How that can be done in a moment — but first, a closer look at current […]

George W. Obama: ‘Interrogations at sea a Bush-era anti-terror strategy’

By incarcerating and interrogating the U.S. military’s latest war-on-terror captive at sea, the Obama administration is reaching back to a tactic used during the Bush era. The so-called American Taliban John Walker Lindh, held by the military as prisoner 001 in the War on Terror, was kept aboard the amphibious assault ship the USS Peleliu […]

Part One of a New Political Strategy

There are lots of steps required for conservatives to regain the political upper hand, but here’s the first: Exempt defense from sequestration. At CFIF, I explain that it’s both good policy and good politics. On policy, while making clear that defense should not be exempt from savings, but just from this huge, meat-cleaver chopping action, […]

Obama’s Stealth Redistribution Strategy

Resentment of the rich trumps all else in liberalism, and we are defending against a multi-front class war. President Obama is using a shotgun approach to redistribute your wealth, with multiple attacks on your income, property, savings, and cost of living.  These coordinated attacks started after the 2008 election and are now set to hit […]

The Obama Campaign’s Racial Slander Strategy

Barack Hussein Obama has always run his political campaigns to exploit racial, economic, religious, and political divisions.  After nearly four years of Obama, the nation is furiously divided, and the political scene is positively treacherous.  Everyone expects this campaign to be the ugliest and dirtiest in our nation’s history.  It is certainly shaping up that […]

The Real Danger of the Obama Campaign Strategy

There’s a story about a young man who comes home one day and says to his father, “Dad, I know who I am and what I want to do with my life: I’m a sea captain.” The father looks at him and says, “Son, you know you’re a sea captain, and I know you’re a […]

Why Obama Thought Going Toxic Was a No-Lose Strategy

Based on his previous campaigns, it’s clear that Obama is quite comfortable with personal attacks on his opponents.  From opening sealed divorce records to lies about extramarital affairs, Obama’s winning mojo has been to tear the other guy down with false personal attacks while declaring that Obama himself has nothing to do with the accusations. […]

Report: Santorum Memo Is Strategy for Contested Convention

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By W. James Antle, III on 3.12.12 @ 9:18AM BuzzFeed is reporting that an internal strategy memo by Rick Santorum’s campaign can’t win the nomination outright before the convention, but could win in Tampa. Majority Needed for Romney, Not for SantorumMitt Romney must have a majority on the […]

A U-Turn Strategy for the GOP

As we head into some crucial GOP primaries — Arizona and Michigan on February 28, then Super Tuesday one week later — grassroots Republicans remain sharply divided over which presidential candidate to support.  A lot of us would vote for None of the Above, if we had that choice.  But we’re united in the belief […]

Pushback on Romney’s Medicare Strategy

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Joseph Lawler on 11.10.11 @ 11:10AM In the Washington Examiner, Philip Klein takes issue with a National Review editorial praising Mitt Romney’s outline for a Medicare reform plan, which would offer seniors the choice between subsidies for privately-managed insurance plans and traditional Medicare: One of the biggest […]