January 16, 2021

A Constitutional Strategy to Stop NSA Spying

The National Security Agency looks at literally millions of phone records.  It captures millions of e-mails.  It sifts through millions of megabytes of private data. And it does this all without following the requirements of the Fourth Amendment. It can be stopped.  How that can be done in a moment — but first, a closer look at current […]

‘Cause a POTUS Party Don’t Stop!

Via Politico: Forget about the 3 a.m. call. How about the 3 a.m. White House after-party? The Obamas made their inaugural ball appearances early enough for prime-time TV, but they weren’t done partying yet: The first couple welcomed a host of celebrities back to the White House for an after-party that lasted well past midnight. […]

Kodak to stop making cameras, digital frames

ROCHESTER, N.Y. (AP) — Kodak says it will stop making digital cameras, pocket video cameras and digital picture frames in order to focus on its more profitable businesses. The storied photography company, which filed for bankruptcy protection last month, says it will phase out those product lines in the first half of this year. Eastman […]

Stop Calling the Tea Party Extreme. It Isn’t.

The left-leaning mainstream media and liberal Democratic politicians continue to refer to the Tea Party as extreme, wacko, and out of touch with the American public.  Clear evidence indicates exactly the opposite. Many of us are getting increasingly annoyed when we hear the Tea Party called extreme, right-wing wackos, or other unbecoming names along that […]