October 31, 2020

Obama Stars in The No-Name Law That Sank His Party

When the Pelosi-Reid-Obama troika triumphantly celebrated cramming through the ACA (Affordable Care Act) over majority sentiment, they crowed that this was the president’s signature achievement and ACA soon took on the name of its creator, ObamaCare. Though not one of them, nor any of the Democrats in the Senate who voted it into law uni-partisanly […]

Two and a Half Smut Stars

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Quin Hillyer on 11.27.12 @ 10:07AM Several years ago I wrote a column here advocating “censorship” during the so-called “family hours” on broadcast TV. (I stand by that column’s conclusions.) In it, I described a show without naming it, involving mothers bragging to sons about getting “laid” […]