December 4, 2020

The Spectator’s Spectacular: Most Read Stories, Apr. 27-May 4

1. The Right Prescription: Can One Iraq Vet Stop Obamacare? by David Catron      Matt Sissel may be health care’s Horatius at the Bridge. 2. Special Report: A Sportscaster Comes Out as Christian by George Neumayr       But then is told to go back into the closet. 3. Political Hay: The Reactionary Republicans […]

The Spectator’s Spectacular: Most Read Stories, Mar. 31-Apr. 6

Spring is finally here! At least it is in Washington, D.C. No matter the weather, enjoy our Spectaculars of the week! 1. Special Report: Deneen Borelli: America’s New Rosa Parks by Jeffrey Lord      Blacklash released in paperback as Dr. Ben Carson attacked by Johns Hopkins leftists. 2. The Obama Watch: His Greatest Failure by Peter […]

Spectators on the Radio! My Gun Control Interview with Renee Giachino

Here is a link to my March 25th interview with Renee Giachino of the Center For Individual Freedom about gun regulation which aired on WEBY 1330 AM, covering the Florida Panhandle and Gulf Coast all the way to New Oreleans. I discuss the assault weapons ban, a little constitutional history, what it was like hearing Senators […]