June 22, 2021

President Obama’s Plan for A Socialist One Party State

The last check and balance on President Obama is the Republican majority in the House of Representatives.  He has made clear that he intends to remove that check on his power in the 2014 elections. Our Founding Fathers wisely provided for a free and independent press as an additional check on government power.  But the […]

The Socialist Mind Game: A Brief Manual

We are being played; it’s time we learned the game. Conservatives have their Constitution.  Progressives have their Narrative.  The current battle for America is between these two concepts, and each side uses different rules to fight it. One set of rules is consistent with an unchanging objective: limited government and individual freedoms.  The other side’s […]

Socialist? Communist? Three Questions for Obama

The intrepid New York Times stoically took up the task of considering whether its president, Barack Obama, is a socialist or a communist.  Pause right there: anyone familiar with the Times knows how that process would unfold.  Namely, the Times would find someone with some credibility on the issue to provide — surprise! — an […]

Time and Again, Maraniss Conceals Obama’s Socialist Roots

“I’m not writing it as a fact-checker.  I’m writing it as an historian,” griped David Maraniss on CNN about the first volume of his new book, Barack Obama: The Story.  “Other people for ideological reasons are pouncing on that part of what my book is, but in fact I’m trying to tell the truth.”  In […]

France’s Disastrous Socialist Frontrunner

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By John Tabin on 4.23.12 @ 1:40PM Francois Hollande won the first round of balloting in the French presidential election yesterday, and faces incumbent Nicolas Sarkozy in a runoff Sunday after next. Polling shows that Hollande is favored to win: Three French polls conducted Sunday evening as results […]