October 31, 2020

‘Racist’ President Says Now You can Keep Your ‘Substandard Insurance’

In ancient times were a ruler to have mismanaged everything as badly as has Obama, stonemasons would start gathering near the palace in anticipation of being hired to chisel the ruler’s name and visage off all public buildings and temples, funerary garb purveyors would be spreading their wares out in the public square, and the […]

Syria: Kofi Annan Says it’s ‘Too Late’ for a Military Intervention

Via 4 News UK: Former UN envoy Kofi Annan criticises the people “far away from Syria” calling for increased military support in the country – as Britain and France pushes to supply rebels with more weapons. Mr Annan was the UN’s Arab League envoy before resigning in August, blaming “finger pointing” at the United Nations […]

Beijing Says Chen Can Apply to Study Abroad

Via New York Times: China’s Foreign Ministry said on Friday that the dissident Chen Guangcheng can apply to study outside China in the same manner as more than 300,000 Chinese students already abroad, signaling a possible breakthrough in a diplomatic crisis that has deeply embarrassed the White House and threatens to sour relations with Beijing. […]

ACORN Whistleblower Says Obama DOJ ‘Has Gone Wild’

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Kevin Mooney on 4.28.12 @ 11:40AM Unless voter integrity efforts take root this year, the notion of free and fair elections could become a relic of American history, Catherine Engelbrecht warned listeners during the “True the Vote National Summit in Houston, Texas yesterday. Engelbrecht, who is the […]

Geithner Says Obama Policies ‘Incredibly Effective,’ Calls Romney Claims ‘Ridiculous’

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Robert Stacy McCain on 4.15.12 @ 11:15AM President Obama’s economic policies “were incredibly effective,” Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner said Sunday, crediting the president with having prevented a depression. While admitting it is “still a very tough economy out there,” Geithner said the administration is “making a lot […]

HoodieGate: Pelosi says Rep. Rush Showed ‘Courage’

Via Sun Times: House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi said Thursday Rep. Bobby Rush (D-Ill.) “deserves a great deal of credit” for wearing a hoodie on the House floor —in deliberate violation of dress rules—in the wake of the murder of Trayvon Martin. Rush was gaveled out of order on Wednesday by the presiding officer, Rep. […]

British PM Says No Public Funding for New Royal Yacht

FILE – A June 23, 1997 photo from files showing the Royal Yacht Britannia passing the new Hong Kong Convention Center in Hong Kong Harbor. What do you get for a monarch who has almost everything? Not, apparently, a new yacht, at least not one paid for with taxpayer funds. That was the message Monday, […]

Santorum Says Campaign ‘Hitting Our Stride’ in Iowa

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Robert Stacy McCain on 12.9.11 @ 7:16PM Rick Santorum says his campaign for the Republican presidential nomination is on pace to exceed expectations in the Iowa caucuses Jan. 3. “We’re hitting our stride at just the right time,” the former Pennsylvania senator said Friday as he traveled […]

Female Reporter Says She Was Harassed by ‘Occupy DC’ Protesters

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Robert Stacy McCain on 11.5.11 @ 11:24AM Members of the “Occupy DC” movement harassed a young female reporter during a protest Friday in Washington, D.C., shouting obscenities and preventing her from conducting interviews. Michelle Fields, a video reporter for the Daily Caller, said she was stalked for […]

On Iraq, Obama Trips and Says “I Meant to Do That”

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By John Tabin on 10.21.11 @ 6:20PM President Obama, and spokesmen for his administration, are claiming that the withdrawal from Iraq is all going according to plan. Josh Rogin punctures that claim in a must-read report that details how the administration tried to negotiate an agreement for troops […]