June 26, 2019

Electability and the Republican Field

If all the poorly articulated political and economic philosophy and the multiple contradictory and confusing major issue stands of George Herbert Walker Bush, Bob Dole, and John McCain were tossed into a blender, and the device were turned on high for a minute, the result would be a smoothie whose taste would be indistinguishable from […]

Republican Lamar Alexander Resigns His Senate Leadership Post

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) (CNSNews.com/Penny Starr) WASHINGTON (AP) – Sen. Lamar Alexander is stepping down from the No. 3 GOP leadership post in the Senate in January. The Tennessee Republican says he wants to focus more on helping the deeply divided Senate — where 60 votes out of 100 are needed to advance virtually any […]

Republican Victory in New York City

Print Email Text Size AmSpecBlog By John Tabin on 9.14.11 @ 12:18AM Republican Bob Turner has defeated Democrat David Weprin in New York’s 9th Congressional district, the seat vacated by Anthony Weiner. In a district composed of parts of Brooklyn and Queens, a Republican victory is a remarkable result that we haven’t seen in decades. […]

Republican Reading List

AmSpecBlog By W. James Antle, III on 8.23.11 @ 4:39PM Before analyzing President Obama’s summer reading, Tevi Troy took a look at the GOP presidential contenders’ reading lists. StumbleUpon| Digg| Reddit| | Facebook AmSpecBlog

Republican Delusion is Obama’s All-Too-Secret Weapon

When exactly did Republicans seemingly become so delusional? The first sign that the GOP base had left the gravitational pull of the rational earth in the Obama era was when professional blowhard Donald Trump shot to the top of the presidential polls on the strength of his bogus birth certificate crusade. ¬†Fortunately, that particular problem […]