January 21, 2021

ObamaCare May Devastate the Real Estate and Travel Industries

Americans are among the most mobile people on earth, but ObamaCare may soon start freezing them in place. Millions are losing their health insurance policies and being forced onto the ObamaCare exchanges, where most plans only provide local medical coverage. As Americans realize they must pay for all non-emergency medical care when they leave their […]

War on Christmas Just Got Real: NORAD Adds Fighter Escort for Santa

A North American Aerospace Defense Command website showing Santa Claus delivering presents while flanked by fighter jets has some child advocates raising concerns about Saint Nick’s new travel companions.   NORAD Tracks Santa, operated by the joint U.S.-Canada command, has provided children with information about Santa’s whereabouts since 1955. In recent years, Santa updates have […]

The Real Country-Killer in 2013

Never mind the “fiscal cliff.”  America went bankrupt, technically, at midnight on December 31, 2012.  We hit the debt ceiling of $ 16.394 trillion.  Yet the U.S. government needs to borrow more money than is legally allowed.  So Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is now juggling federal accounts via questionable extraordinary measures to squeeze out perhaps […]

The Real Lesson of the Election

Each year I drive across the eastern half of the country twice, including the states of Ohio and Indiana.  Without benefit of signage it would be hard to tell them apart.  Each has an industrial base in the north and a heartland dedicated largely to agriculture.  Each state is 86 percent white and has a […]

D’Souza Can’t Quite Accept the Real Obama

See also: Barack Obama: Anticolonialist or Neo-Communist? In 2016: Obama’s America, the most successful and artful conservative documentary to date, author and producer Dinesh D’Souza takes a step closer to exposing the real Barack Obama.  To get there, however, he will have to remove the obstacles he has set in his own way. “Obama came […]

The Real Danger of the Obama Campaign Strategy

There’s a story about a young man who comes home one day and says to his father, “Dad, I know who I am and what I want to do with my life: I’m a sea captain.” The father looks at him and says, “Son, you know you’re a sea captain, and I know you’re a […]

The Real Price of Obama’s Prevarications

Prevarication, noun: a statement that deviates from or perverts the truth. On July 5, Fox News ran a piece documenting the “fresh scrutiny” Barack Obama has faced since the June publication of David Maraniss’s new book, Barack Obama: The Story.  “By some counts,” Fox’s James Rosen reported, “The Story presents more than three-dozen instances of […]

Guest at Ohio dog pound was a real pig

PAULDING, Ohio (AP) — A dog pound in northwest Ohio has said goodbye to a guest more appropriate for a barnyard. The Paulding County dog warden took in a pot-bellied pig for a few days this week after a woman who’d been sitting for the animal got stuck with him when the owners wouldn’t take […]

Who’s the Real Crony Capitalist?

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By W. James Antle, III on 1.11.12 @ 4:35PM Tim Carney makes the case that it’s Newt. (And Carney’s no Romney fan.) The Spectacle Blog

Real Life K.O.’s Zorba and His EU Friends

In Nikos Kazanzakis’ Zorba the Greek we see both Kazanzakis’ disdain for capitalists and a description of the Greek ethos which is proving that country’s economic downfall: “You think too much. That is your trouble. Clever people and grocers, they weigh everything.” By the European Union’s own reckoning, the euro, its single currency, was the […]