December 4, 2020

Spectators on the Radio! My Gun Control Interview with Renee Giachino

Here is a link to my March 25th interview with Renee Giachino of the Center For Individual Freedom about gun regulation which aired on WEBY 1330 AM, covering the Florida Panhandle and Gulf Coast all the way to New Oreleans. I discuss the assault weapons ban, a little constitutional history, what it was like hearing Senators […]

Ross on the Radio Today

I’ll be guest-hosting for Mike Rosen on Denver’s 850 KOA from 9 AM to noon (Mountain time, 11 AM to 2 PM Eastern time) on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, January 28-30. If you can’t listen over the air, you can listen online at Please listen in, and you can join the conversation by calling […]

Rush Number One on Web Radio: Huckabee Not on Top 50 List

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Jeffrey Lord on 7.16.12 @ 11:37AM This is interesting. A site called Talk Stream Live: A Dynamic Directory of Internet Radio has compiled a list of “The 50 most influential talk show hosts on the Internet.” Guess who is number one after all those weeks of direct […]

Conservatism and Talk Radio Iowa Winners

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Jeffrey Lord on 1.4.12 @ 12:27PM My conservative colleague in arms Jay Homnick has a great piece today titled “And the Winner in Iowa Is… Rush Limbaugh.” Jay is correct… and I (ahem!) pointed this out here a while back in terms of the 2010 elections. I […]

My Weekly Radio Show

AmSpecBlog By Quin Hillyer on 8.18.11 @ 7:08PM Listen in tonight at 8 Central, 9 Eastern, as I discuss lawless at the DoJ on my weekly radio show on fm 106.5 Mobile. My guest will be Heritage LEgal Fellow, former FEC chair Hans Von Spakovsky. StumbleUpon| Digg| Reddit| | Facebook AmSpecBlog