October 31, 2020

Obama and the EU push Genocide

“Why can’t Iran be allowed to have its own nukes?” asked a good friend of mine. “It only seems fair.” My friend is an intelligent person who has seen politics up close. And yet, such is the power of mass indoctrination, she doesn’t know that Iran isn’t a normal nation. Four decades after Jimmy Carter’s […]

Democrats: End of the Big Push

Last week, the pundits told us, was one of the worst in President Obama’s presidency. They could be right. He lost on gun control in the Senate. Ninety percent of Americans, apparently, want more gun control, but the president couldn’t push it over the finish line. ObamaCare is shaping up as a “train wreck.” Then […]

Kenyan forces pledge further push into Somalia

RAS KAMBONI, Somalia (AP) — Kenyan troops and their Somali allies say they will push deeper into insurgent-controlled territory in Somalia now that rains have stopped. Mohamed Ibrahim Farah, the spokesman for a Kenyan-allied Somali militia at Somalia’s southern tip, said on Tuesday that troops would move within the week. A Somali militia that was […]