December 4, 2020

You Think the GOP Has Problems?

While everyone gathers around the water cooler Monday-morning quarterbacking Speaker Boehner on the execution of his game plan for the Cliff Bowl before it is even played, let us spare a thought for the hapless Democrats.  After all, who would want to be a Democrat as we go into 2013? Don’t be fooled by that […]

President Obama’s Problems with Women

While President Clinton had one kind of problem with women, President Obama has another — a problem the Democrats are trying to hide by going on offense and creating a faux “War on Women.” Much of the GOP convention is designed to counter the Democrats’ accusation of a “War on Women.”  The Romney forces are […]

F-22 Breathing Problems Solved? It’s the O2, Stupid. . .

Via Chicago Tribune: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta approved plans to send a squadron of Lockheed Martin Corp F-22 fighter jets to Japan, a step toward lifting flight restrictions on the most advanced U.S. warplane after the Air Force ruled out that contaminants were causing some F-22 pilots to get dizzy at the controls. . . […]