March 24, 2019

Prince Harry Moved to Secure Site During Attack on Camp Bastion

Via Herald Sun: PRINCE Harry was moved to a secure location during a deadly Taliban attack on Camp Bastion while on his second tour of duty in Afghanistan. British Defence Secretary Philip Hammond admitted Prince Harry was moved to a guarded location when the attack occurred. “Clearly there are fall-back plans and I can’t go […]

Prince of Handouts

Quite a lot has been said about what Obama’s instant amnesty scheme means in the purely procedural sense — that it’s illegal and unconstitutional on its face, all of which is undeniable.  What we haven’t heard discussed is what it’s actually for.  It’s being taken for granted that it’s of a piece with general Democratic […]

Bonny Prince Barry?

Is our current “Young Pretender” preparing to fly the coop even before his Culloden in 2012? Until the advent of Barack Obama, Charles Edward Stuart (1720-1788), called The Young Pretender, was a prime contender for the title of greatest narcissistic waster of other people’s time and trouble in history.  The Stuarts’ hopeless quest to reclaim […]