April 21, 2019

The Republican Party’s Chapter 7

Before the last election, George F. Will opined that if the Republicans couldn’t win the White House after Obama’s mismanagement of the economy, the Party should go out of business. The Republicans seem to be taking Will seriously, since the Grand Bargain on immigration amounts to a voluntary bankruptcy petition, one they might so easily […]

The Democratic Party’s War on the Poor

It was a proud day in Medellín, Colombia.  Mayor Alonso Salazar smiled as he announced the city’s latest accomplishment, and a sycophantic press reported his happy message verbatim. The 12,000 desperately poor people of Medellín’s Comuna 13, a shantytown set high atop a steep hill, had spent generations climbing up and down some 530 mountainside […]

The Democratic Party’s War against Promotions

The December 2011 battle in Washington, D.C. — a battle over continuing a Social Security tax-cut for another year, or even another two months — demonstrates the differences between the parties in stark detail, both in terms of campaign methods and economic ideology. Most commentators have focused on the campaign methods: brilliant, isn’t it, how […]

The Party’s Over

As that famous philosopher and grammarian, Professor Henry Higgins, bellowed in the musical My Fair Lady when he heard that Eliza Doolittle was going to marry Freddy Einsford-Hill: “It’s doomed before they even take the vow.”  That exclamation popped into my head just recently when I thought about all of the candidates for the Republican […]