October 30, 2020

Sarah Palin on Lonegan, GOP Deal

Over on Facebook, former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has posted her thoughts on the New Jersey Senate race and last night’s GOP cave on the debt. Steve Lonegan, according to AP last night, lost his Senate race 55 percent to 44 percent. Which is to say, Booker’s lead of 30 points, as was repeatedly noted in […]

Sarah Palin to Hannity: For Newt in South Carolina

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Jeffrey Lord on 1.17.12 @ 11:39PM Interesting. Former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, in an interview tonight with Sean Hannity on Fox, said that she would like to see the GOP presidential race continue after South Carolina. And… drumroll… were she a resident of South Carolina, she would […]

Pitch-Perfect Palin

Last night, Sarah Palin’s statement — and her breaking news interview with Mark Levin — stressed some extremely important ideas.  As such, her not running might well be among the least important topics she touched on.  Yes, I know that’s the news that everybody was waiting for — but what interested me most was what […]

McGinniss Book About Palin: Yet Another Attack on America

The Joe McGinniss Sarah Palin book The Rogue is the left’s latest hate letter to God-fearing patriotic Americans.  Make no mistake about it, folks.  The McGinniss attack along with the other numerous attacks on Sarah Palin are really about attacking you — mainstream Americans with traditional values. Since her extraordinary, upbeat VP nominee acceptance speech […]

Palin, Perry and Paranoia

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Dear Governor Palin: Please Call Me

AmSpecBlog By Robert Stacy McCain on 8.15.11 @ 11:05PM Governor, my good friend Quin Hillyer appears to believe that you deliberately allowed a reporter from Politico to overhear your conversation with Alex Pappas of the Daily Caller (who is also my good friend). In the interest of putting to an end what Quin calls a “contretemps,” permit […]