January 16, 2021

Who Truly Deserves a State? The Kurds or the Palestinians?

There are over twenty Arab states throughout the Middle East and North Africa, but the world demands, in a chorus of barely disguised animosity towards Israel, that yet another Arab state be created within the mere forty miles separating the Mediterranean Sea and the River Jordan. Israel, a territory no larger than the tiny principality […]

The Big Picture on Why the Palestinians Always Say ‘No’

Addressing the Brookings Institution on December 2, 2011, U. S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta rebuked Israel for not doing enough to promote peace with the Palestinians, demanding that Israel’s leaders “just get to the damned [peace] table.”  But the notion that Israel bears any (much less primary) responsibility for the absence of peace or […]

Perry: Palestinians Must Recognize Israel as a Jewish State

Print Email Text Size AmSpecBlog By Aaron Goldstein on 9.17.11 @ 1:23AM Texas Governor and GOP presidential hopeful Rick Perry wrote an op-ed taking the Palestinians to the woodshed for their plans to seek UN recognition of a Palestinian state. He also admonished President Obama for distancing himself from Israel while pursuing engagement with Iran […]

Palestinians Seek Full UN Recognition

Print Email Text Size AmSpecBlog By Aaron Goldstein on 9.15.11 @ 1:00PM It has been announced that Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas will submit an application for full UN membership a week from tomorrow. The Obama Administration is expected to veto this application in the Security Council and would be wise to do so. But […]