June 25, 2019

The GOP Outreach that Dare Not Speak Its Name

Mitt Romney’s disappointing 2012 defeat has unleashed an orgy of GOP self-reflection aimed at winning in 2016. Alas, nearly everything entails “outreach” and “inclusion” to assorted minority groups plus ending the alleged Republican “war on women.” Disbelievers should enter “GOP pandering” into Google–1.6 million hits as of March 24th. But of all this pandering, the […]

The Dog War: Obama’s Republican Outreach?

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Daniel Allott on 4.19.12 @ 1:29PM Perhaps the Obama re-election campaign sees some potential for Republican outreach in its preoccupation with Mitt Romney’s alleged mistreatment of Seamus the dog. A 2006 Gallup poll estimated that 43% of Americans own a dog, and that 70% describe themselves as “dog […]

Obama’s Jewish Outreach Director and His Anti-Christian Hate Propaganda

The National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC) recently announced that Barack Obama has named its former executive director, Ira Forman, as his Jewish outreach director.  Mr. Forman’s tenure at NJDC includes the publication of anti-Christian hate material under color of Judaism, which could easily evoke reciprocal ill feelings from Christians who do not realize that NJDC […]