June 22, 2021

Barack Obama’s Euro-Train-Envy

The president of the United States wants Americans riding trains.  And like so many other aspects of the president’s ideas for what would make the USA a utopia, we continue to get more spending on leftist ideology forced upon us — like it, want it, or not. At a speech earlier this year in Miami, President […]

Obama’s Fall from Grace

Reportage of last week’s Nelson Mandela funeral reveals clearly enough that President Obama has reached the point in his tenure where everything ceases to go right — when even the most serious and determined efforts deteriorate into a hash, or worse, a joke.  This happens to everyone in public life eventually, politicians above all.  The […]

Obama’s Plan to Snatch Your Savings

In his first term, Obama managed to get his paws on health care, banking, energy, student loans, the auto business, and more.  Now he has his sights set on your 401(k). The left has had its eye on retirement savings for years, but so far takeover attempts have been rebuffed.  One egregious attempt was the proposal, following […]

Minnesota and Massachusetts Say No to Obama’s Insurance Fix

States are considering whether to allow insurers to continue offering current plans that are sold on the individual market and that don’t meet the standards of the health law. The president suggested that fix last week. The Associated Press: Dayton: No Extension Of Existing Health CoverageGov. Mark Dayton announced Monday that Minnesotans will not be […]

Obama’s fallen and he can’t get up

The tangled web Barack Obama has woven for himself and the Democratic Party, which passed his signature legislation in lockstep, has left him with no way out. The multiple deceptions inherent in Obamacare are becoming obvious, and because they affect the health, wealth and welfare of every American, they cannot be papered over by a […]

New Plastic Surgery Trend: Michelle Obama’s Arms

. . .Once again, for the seventh year in a row, breast augmentation was the most popular form of cosmetic surgery, with 286,000 operations performed.  Botox treatments reached an all-time high of 6.1 million injections. People between the ages of 40 and 54 accounted for the largest portion of the cosmetic procedures: 6.8 million, or 48%. Ninety-one […]

President Obama’s Plan for A Socialist One Party State

The last check and balance on President Obama is the Republican majority in the House of Representatives.  He has made clear that he intends to remove that check on his power in the 2014 elections. Our Founding Fathers wisely provided for a free and independent press as an additional check on government power.  But the […]

Obama’s Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay

It’s a pity North Korea’s Kim Jong Un had to spoil the party last week. Rockers at the White House should not have had to listen to disturbing news stories about rattling sabers and missile launches Here’s a satellite photograph that East Room party-goers should study, for at least five minutes. The astute reader will […]

Obama’s Zero-Sum Game and the Coming Redistribution Bubble

As a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama stated to Joe the plumber that the primary goal of government should be income redistribution.  And in reality, Obama has made great strides with regard to income redistribution, having enlarged the food stamp recipient list, for example. At the heart of income redistribution rhetoric is a principle […]

Obama’s Disarming Haste

According to the Washington Post‘s Philip Rucker, President Obama is committed to moving quickly on gun violence legislation. Reported as good news, in truth this carefully projected haste and urgency ought to be regarded — and would be reported, by a media that did not have a stake in leftist authoritarianism — as the gravest […]