April 19, 2019

If Someone Really Wanted to Harm Obamacare…

Now I’m not suggesting that anyone go out and do this, but if someone really wanted to hurt ObamaCare, he (or she) would hack into healthcare.gov and steal personal information of those who were stupid enough to enter such information into the technological cesspool that is the ObamaCare web site. He wouldn’t have to post […]

ObamaCare a Planned Disaster for Political Reasons

IT experts are starting to weigh in on the spectacular fail of the ObamaCare launch, and explain what happened: political imperatives trumped everything else.  The debut of ObamaCare is a perfect demonstration of why government should not be trusted with our health care. People with common sense and reality-based principles — in a word, conservatives — […]

Boom! 305 People have Obamacare in Colorado

Despite a relatively low number of people buying coverage in its first week, the board in charge of Colorado’s health insurance exchange is generally pleased with how it’s running. Connect for Health Colorado, which is branding itself as C4HCO, says it had 162,941 unique visitors to its website October 1-7. Of those, 226 purchased health […]

ObamaCare Bites Unionized Educators

As the proverbial offal hits the fan, adjunct instructors and their union leaders are understandably panic-stricken as they finally realize the impact of ObamaCare on their livelihoods. Union representatives are now sending their members letters stating that “the Affordable Care Act [aka ObamaCare] has defined full time as anyone working over 30 hours a week […]

Utah Wrangles with Obamacare

As the federal government prepares the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) for enforcement, millions of Americans may realize that “federal” certainly doesn’t mean “universal.” According to The Washington Times, the Affordable Care Act will force approximately 7 million people from their employer-provided coverage, twice the CBO’s original estimate. Even for those with employer-provided […]

ObamaCare: Game On for Physicians

The health care fix is now set to be law.  The federal government stepping into administration and provision of medical services is creating a lot of uncertainty and concern among those of us that provide health care service.  We know that there are inequities, cost issues, and other problems with the current system.  But there […]

A Surgeon Cuts to the Heart of the ObamaCare Nightmare

The day the Supreme Court ruled in favor of ObamaCare, a friend called me.  He’s an extremely dedicated, much-loved surgeon, and he was frustrated and livid in equal measure. “I’ve actually had a lot of experience working in all different types of environments,” he began.  “I’ve worked in a government-run socialized medical care system, and […]

Obamacare: ‘Things are now up for Grabs’

[This week, Clarice’s Pieces is appearing on Friday.] “[I]n the 1980s, the political psychologist Philip E. Tetlock began systematically quizzing 284 political experts – most of whom were political science Ph.D.’s – on dozens of basic questions, like whether a country would go to war, leave NATO or change its boundaries or a political leader […]

Obamacare and the Ratchet Theory of History

There are a lot of things that Americans fear about the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.  They fear that they won’t be able to continue to go to the doctor whom they trust.  They fear that once a single consumer — the government — replaces 300 million consumers of drugs and medical technology and […]

Obamacare Case Bigger than Roe v. Wade

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Joseph Lawler on 11.14.11 @ 12:31PM Here’s a Rorschach Test for conservatives: could the Obamacare suit turn out to be a bigger Supreme Court decision than Roe v. Wade?  Ilya Shapiro of the libertarian Cato Institute thinks so:  Indeed, this litigation implicates the future of the Republic […]