May 6, 2021


Private insurers are being forced to charge more for health care premiums because they can no longer offer products based on consumer needs. The policies are so regulated that a company offering these policies could go out of business. Each policy is now regulated to include politically correct components that the democratic party insists on […]

Obamacare: Sicker Than We Thought

For far too long, opponents of the Affordable Care Act focused on a malfunctioning website, which is akin to complaining that a guillotine’s blade isn’t sharp enough.  The process doesn’t really matter, if folks end up with their heads on platters.Even as Barack Obama does a NASCAR-like victory lap, claiming 8 million enrollees (Full disclosure: the […]

ObamaCare May Devastate the Real Estate and Travel Industries

Americans are among the most mobile people on earth, but ObamaCare may soon start freezing them in place. Millions are losing their health insurance policies and being forced onto the ObamaCare exchanges, where most plans only provide local medical coverage. As Americans realize they must pay for all non-emergency medical care when they leave their […]

Sex, Lies, and ObamaCare

Before “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” the Obama left made a whole spate of false promises in the realm of sexuality. It’s worth connecting the dots between the folly of ObamaCare, an issue for which I wasn’t personally on the front lines, and the sweeping folly of sexual radicalism, an issue […]

How Republicans Can Lose on ObamaCare

It is a tactic as old as argument itself. The person seeking to accomplish something he knows to be dishonest and unjust sets the parameters of the argument, and invites his opponent to debate the predetermined memes. If the debater does not first disown the false premise, and reset the terms, he has effectively lost […]

ObamaCare: Designed for Failure

You must understand, no matter what President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid say, that ObamaCare was designed for failure, not just for itself but all the insurance companies involved. When a poison pill is ingested into the system, the body starts to die, killing off the healthy organs and itself in the process… leaving a void […]

More Lipstick on the ObamaCare Pig

The White House PR machine keeps trying to put lipstick on the ObamaCare pig. According to, “there’s some great news from a Department of Health and Human Services report… Thanks to Obamacare, half of young adults between age 18 and 34 who are single and uninsured can get health coverage for $ 50/month or […]

The Obamacare Kluge

“You didn’t build that” Well, now we know he didn’t build it either! The most significant thing about that remark when Obama made it was not its ignorance, nor its political posturing, but its disrespect.  Libs have no respect for the achievements of other people.  They cruise at 70,000 feet.  They think things come into […]

Obamacare Website Failure a Conservative Conspiracy?

The good folks over at have assembled a sample of tweets from liberals who seem to truly believe that the failure of the web site is a conservative conspiracy. I wonder if our resident liberal commenters on these pages are that crazy… The Spectacle Blog

The ObamaCare Black Hole

One thing that the past few weeks have accomplished is the total destruction of Obama’s “towering intellect” persona. This is one the standard lenses through which Obama is viewed, with differing but complimentary angles from each end of the spectrum: the liberal “reigning intellect of his age” as opposed to the conservative “master chess player […]