January 16, 2021

Nanny State! Public Nudity Banned in San Fran

Via NMA TV: And such an important issue deserves reporting from the Taiwanese animators: Maybe Gov. Brown can come to some sort of compromise. Say, a “nudity fee.” $ 30 a month to walk around naked, or, for $ 250 you can get a yearly license? NOTE: I’ve changed the headline to correct for “Public” […]

Nanny Bloomberg Coming After Alcohol Next?

Via NY Post: . . . First, Mayor Bloomberg went after smoking in public places. Then trans-fats, salt and sugary drinks. Now Bloomberg — known for sipping fine wine and downing a cold beer from time to time — wants to crack down on alcohol sales to curb excessive drinking, according to a provocative planning […]

Nanny State: Permit Needed to Film Bigfoot

Via http://www.foxnews.com/us/2011/11/23/taking-liberties-big-foot-spotted-needs-permit/?test=latestnews: The photogs should have called themselves #OccupySasquatch and it all would have worked out. — Greg Pollowitz The Feed

Nanny State Watch! Seattle Cracks Down on Freelance Superheroes

Via ABC: Seattle’s masked superhero crime fighter “Phoenix Jones” is now fighting an assault charge for allegedly spraying pepper spray on people who he claims were fighting. Seattle police claim the people were dancing. Phoenix Jones, who has been unmasked by police as Benjamin Fodor, was arrested about 2:30 a.m. Sunday while still wearing his […]

Nanny State: FAA Threatens Pilot in Annual Turkey Drop

Via AP: Turns out turkeys don’t fly. The Baxter Bulletin reports that attendees at the Turkey Trot festival in Yellville were disappointed when no turkeys dropped from planes on Friday or Saturday. The turkey drop is a mainstay of the event in northern Arkansas, though organizers don’t sanction it. Supporters say the turkeys can fly […]

Nanny State! San Fran Protests Anti-Nudity Law

NRO Live Blog Feed The CornerReid Laments ‘Job-Killing’ Cuts He Once SupportedThe Senate will vote today on a House-passed continuing resolution that A) funds the government through Nov. 18, and B) . . . Go The Campaign SpotWhere Have I Heard Perry-Related Wildfire Snark Before? Ah, Yes…“Looks like Perry wasn’t able to pray the fire away.” — Daily […]