September 27, 2020

How Much Taxation Would Fund Current Spending?

To best understand this spending aspect of the current budget negotiations in Washington, we must answer one crucial question: how much taxation on the top income-earners would be required to fully fund the present level of government spending? To do so, we must first make the unreasonable assumption that the rich will not respond to […]

For Some CPAC Viewers, Romney Doth Protest Too Much

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Kyle Peterson on 2.10.12 @ 7:48PM Mitt Romney gave a deeply conservative speech Friday at the Conservative Political Action Conference, but those who question the frontrunner’s sincerity said it was all campaign and no conviction. “It just doesn’t bubble up like it does with Newt or Santorum,” […]

Why America Hates Its Politicians So Much

Another State of the Union speech has come and gone.  These speeches are predictable, useless, boring, and purely political. Supporters of the party in power rave about matters such as “vision,” “compassion,” “fairness,” and “the future.”  Detractors focus more on reality — the present and the distortions, contradictions, and, yes, outright lies contained in the […]

Not Much of a Ride

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Jeffrey Lord on 1.15.12 @ 11:49PM What Utah’s ex-governor Jon Huntsman called his “ticket to ride” (borrowing from the Beatles) from New Hampshire to South Carolina has apparently been cancelled. By Huntsman himself. He is, says this report, withdrawing to endorse Mitt Romney. The ticket to ride was […]

Pols Have Much to Be Thankful For

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By W. James Antle, III on 11.23.11 @ 8:30PM My review of Peter Schweizer’s new book Throw Them All Out ran in today’s Washington Times. The Spectacle Blog