August 14, 2020

New Plastic Surgery Trend: Michelle Obama’s Arms

. . .Once again, for the seventh year in a row, breast augmentation was the most popular form of cosmetic surgery, with 286,000 operations performed.  Botox treatments reached an all-time high of 6.1 million injections. People between the ages of 40 and 54 accounted for the largest portion of the cosmetic procedures: 6.8 million, or 48%. Ninety-one […]

Education ‘Change Agent’ Michelle Rhee: The Left Connection

Who would have thought the ubiquitous education superstar Michelle Rhee would be sitting next to Andy Stern on the board of the Broad Foundation?  Yes, that’s right.  The Republican governors’ siren and CEO of StudentsFirst works alongside the former SEIU leader, who’s visited the White House more than anyone else in the past four years […]

Michelle Obama Pants on Fire

For those of you who couldn’t stomach watching Michelle Obama Tuesday night, you missed quite a performance.  She has become a pro at public speaking.  She reads the teleprompter as smoothly as her husband, with emotion added in all the right places.  It went over just fine in the hall, with Democrats mooning over her […]

Can Michelle Obama’s Media Blitz Erase Her ‘Angry Black Woman’ Image?

While the GOP is preoccupied with selecting a candidate to oppose incumbent Barack Obama, First Lady Michelle Obama is working hard to erase her image as an “angry Black woman” and promote her husband’s re-election campaign along the way. While she is hoping that a series of television appearances will cement the unmarried mom and […]

Michelle Malkin Endorses Rick Santorum

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By W. James Antle, III on 1.30.12 @ 12:06PM Newt Gingrich has effectively called on Rick Santorum to drop out of the presidential race, yet the former Pennsylvania senator continues to poll in the double digits and shows no sign of quitting. Why are so many conservatives dissatisfied […]

Michelle Obama and Stokely Carmichael on Collective White Guilt

Jodi Kantor launched a pre-election, pre-emptive biography about the first couple last week.  The New York Times reporter has been covering the human interest side of the Obama family since 2007.  Kantor’s earlier articles focused on the president’s love of basketball, Michelle’s family tree, and Barack’s “search for faith.”  Now she’s written The Obamas, a […]

Michelle Obama and the Muslim Brotherhood

With the news that “[i]nfiltration of the federal government by members of the radical Muslim Brotherhood is worse than some have warned,” it should come as no surprise that while Obama has been courting Muslim Brotherhood operatives, his wife has also gotten into the act.  According to the toolkit site, “[t]he Let’s Move! initiative, started […]