April 19, 2019

How Republicans Can Lose on ObamaCare

It is a tactic as old as argument itself. The person seeking to accomplish something he knows to be dishonest and unjust sets the parameters of the argument, and invites his opponent to debate the predetermined memes. If the debater does not first disown the false premise, and reset the terms, he has effectively lost […]

Why Republicans Lose in Urban Areas

See also: The Coming Hispanic Civil Rights Movement Fourteen years ago, I was asked to be a keynote speaker at the Richmond County Women’s Republican Club annual dinner. I had started my column at the Staten Island Advance the year before, and as an Hispanic who had grown up in Spanish Harlem, many Republicans were […]

Why Obama Will Lose All Three Debates

President Obama had a terrible debate last week.  Supporters and opponents were shocked that he could be so off his game.  They shouldn’t have been.  That they were indicates that they don’t understand Obama’s serious, likely insurmountable re-election problem. Obama supporters and detractors expect the old Obama to show better form in the next debate.  […]