October 30, 2020

So Sad: U.S. Jihadist in Somalia Fears For His Life

Via AFP: A US-born Islamist fighter viewed as a key foreign leader within Somalia’s Shebab militia allied with Al-Qaeda says he fears his life is now in danger from fellow extremists. Omar Hamami — better known as Abu Mansoor al-Amriki — gave the warning in an undated video posted on several Somali websites and YouTube […]

Vampire Government: How the Left is Sucking the Life out of the Private Economy

The current financial debacle in Europe and the near-bankrupt status of the United Sates have been brought about by an obsessive loyalty to statist doctrine and an inability to admit failure — traits common to the left on both sides of the Atlantic.  The current dilemma is the end-product of decades of uncontrolled spending and […]

Real Life K.O.’s Zorba and His EU Friends

In Nikos Kazanzakis’ Zorba the Greek we see both Kazanzakis’ disdain for capitalists and a description of the Greek ethos which is proving that country’s economic downfall: “You think too much. That is your trouble. Clever people and grocers, they weigh everything.” By the European Union’s own reckoning, the euro, its single currency, was the […]

HBO to Celebrate Tiller’s Life?

Writer/producer Alan Ball is changing genres from vampires, but he is sticking to the ghoulish.  The producer of TV’s True Blood and Six Feet Under is scheduled to serve as executive producer of a one-hour HBO drama, Wichita, about the life of the late abortionist, George Tiller. The script will be based on a 2010 […]

Steve Jobs: A Life Well Done

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Aaron Goldstein on 10.6.11 @ 12:38AM Ross Kaminsky has written a fine tribute to Apple co-founder Steve Jobs who lost his battle with cancer on Wednesday. Jobs’ time in this world was a life well done. Indeed, Kaminsky makes the case that Jobs changed the world “at […]

Obama and the Meaning of Life

When I was a young girl, I would often lie awake at night and ask myself what was the meaning of life.  Why was I here?  What was this strange existence all about?   These questions usually triggered feelings of panic.  Of course, I had absolutely no idea what was the meaning of life — […]