April 19, 2019

Sex, Lies, and ObamaCare

Before “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” the Obama left made a whole spate of false promises in the realm of sexuality. It’s worth connecting the dots between the folly of ObamaCare, an issue for which I wasn’t personally on the front lines, and the sweeping folly of sexual radicalism, an issue […]

Exposing ‘Truth and Lies’ in Afghanistan

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Reid Smith on 2.9.12 @ 3:16PM A veteran U.S. army officer has broken ranks, and written a scathing article about the war in Afghanistan. In so doing, he’s publicly confessed what many American servicemen have been hinting at for years, in private: reports of progress from the […]

No Sex, Many Lies, One Videotape, and a Soldier’s Unnecessary Death

It is not a movie.  It could be labeled a comedy, a farce, even a Greek tragedy, except that people really are dying.  It is, in fact, an absolutely abhorrent, disgraceful, and unacceptable demonstration of the hidebound, self-serving attitude, omnipresent throughout the federal bureaucracy and among many in our political establishment, that my agency, my […]

Barack Obama’s Always ‘Helpful’ Never ‘Hurtful’ Lies

For those Americans who were still unsure whether Barack Obama really does lack authenticity, the President has finally come clean and confirmed that he does indeed have a tendency to lie. Prior to Christmas, courtesy of Barbara Walters and the ABC News program 20/20, President Obama presented the nation with an important pre-2012 election gift. […]

Conspiracies, Lies, and Justiagate

I have never believed in conspiracies — at least, not in the vast kind that Hillary felt the right wing deployed against her philandering husband.  More often, it seems the cover-up of truth, not the circulation of manufactured untruths, lies at the root of such conspiratorial ideas. Nor do I believe in the kinds of […]

Science, Lies, and Videotape

It is the elite perception that conservatives are beetle-browed, anti-science nutters wedded to faith-based, unverifiable beliefs eschewed by the more sophisticated, scientific-thinking left. I call this the Garofolo Theory to memorialize this darling of the left’s observation this week: Herman Cain is probably well liked by some of the Republicans because it hides the racist […]

Obama’s Hope and Lies

One thing about the Obama White House: you can’t fault them for a lack of optimism.  Obama has been operating on little more than “hope” for three years now, with rosy predictions of economic improvement just around the corner.  Back in June 2010, the president kicked off “recovery summer” with “groundbreakings and events across the […]