December 4, 2020

Middle East a Tinderbox, American Leadership Absent

The winds of war are blowing stronger in the Middle East, all because President Obama refuses to realize the threat posed by radicals in Iran and elsewhere in the Middle East. Protesters in what seemed to be a coordinated effort attacked the U.S. Consulate in Libya Tuesday, killing the American ambassador and three staffers, and […]

Barclays leadership face rebuke on bonuses

LONDON (AP) — Barclays executives came under fire Friday from shareholders unhappy over their generous pay packets. Confronted by heckling and mocking laughter, the bankers defended their pay structure to a packed annual general meeting in London. One shareholder wondered why Chief Executive Bob Diamond got any bonus at all. Diamond was awarded pay, bonus […]

Republican Lamar Alexander Resigns His Senate Leadership Post

Sen. Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) ( Starr) WASHINGTON (AP) – Sen. Lamar Alexander is stepping down from the No. 3 GOP leadership post in the Senate in January. The Tennessee Republican says he wants to focus more on helping the deeply divided Senate — where 60 votes out of 100 are needed to advance virtually any […]