October 30, 2020

It’s Almost 3 AM and North Korea’s Calling

President Obama has a situation on his hands where charisma and media support do him no good.  He is dealing with a nuclear-armed regime with a history of military attacks, provocations as a means of extortion, and brutality.  Now they have announced they are restarting a reactor that produces enough plutonium to make a bomb […]

Syria: Kofi Annan Says it’s ‘Too Late’ for a Military Intervention

Via 4 News UK: Former UN envoy Kofi Annan criticises the people “far away from Syria” calling for increased military support in the country – as Britain and France pushes to supply rebels with more weapons. Mr Annan was the UN’s Arab League envoy before resigning in August, blaming “finger pointing” at the United Nations […]

It’s the Message, Morons

On November 6, 2012, almost 66 million Americans traded the nation’s future for a chance to worship a false god. In a country of over 315 million people, a minority of eligible voters traded prosperity for the illusion of forced fairness. In reelecting Barack Obama, with fewer votes than in 2008, voters traded harmony for […]

It’s Over

Give up — Barack Obama has won.  With the election only weeks away, it is clear from recent swing state polling that Mitt Romney has lost this election.  According to the Quinnipiac numbers, in the battleground states of Ohio, Florida, and Pennsylvania, the president is ahead by 10%, 9% and 12%, respectively. Romney can’t win.  […]

It’s the Bureaucrats, Stupid

It is hard to know whether Congressman Mike Kelly knew that his delicious diatribe  on the House floor would be the perfect follow-up to Obama of Roanoke or not.  But it was. Thus, I submit that all you really need to know about the two general visions for America being debated in this election cycle […]

F-22 Breathing Problems Solved? It’s the O2, Stupid. . .

Via Chicago Tribune: Defense Secretary Leon Panetta approved plans to send a squadron of Lockheed Martin Corp F-22 fighter jets to Japan, a step toward lifting flight restrictions on the most advanced U.S. warplane after the Air Force ruled out that contaminants were causing some F-22 pilots to get dizzy at the controls. . . […]

It’s Not Fair!

President Obama is right. There is a lot of unfairness in America. And he is the source of much of it. Last time I heard so much talk about fairness — as in the plaintive “that’s not fair” — was when my children were toddlers.  But Obama seems to think that the word will have […]

It’s Slipping Away

Anyone paying attention has read or least has heard about the plausible investigative story from CBS reporter Jan Crawford suggesting that Chief Justice Roberts chickened out on striking down ObamaCare.  He’s got some ‘splainin’ to do.  Except apparently he devoted a month ‘splainin’ his flip-flop to Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy, who wasn’t buying any of […]

Israel to Iran: It’s Crunch Time

It is indeed a cold day in Hell when the New York Times blunders into telling the truth about Iran.  Well, it just happened. This is serious business, because it means that the NYT is now expecting something real to happen soon. President Obama has been tip-toeing away from the Iranian nuclear end-run for three […]

It’s Not About Newt

GOP voters are sending a clarion call to the party establishment, but it seems GOP leaders are not getting the message. The statement being sent to the GOP elite isn’t about Newt, and it goes beyond even Romney.  It is about a deep dissatisfaction that has been building for years within the Republican rank and […]