May 31, 2020

After Masters, Look for Hilton Head Nostalgia

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Quin Hillyer on 4.9.12 @ 12:32PM Okay, the Masters again pulled off the stunning feat of making golf edge-of-your-seat exciting. Great stuff. Now, at the fun week at Hilton Head, I predict a bout of nostalgia as some of the veteran players who haven’t particularly played well […]

Hilton Kramer, R.I.P.

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Aaron Goldstein on 3.27.12 @ 1:41PM Hilton Kramer, co-founder of The New Criterion, passed away this morning¬†of heart failure.¬†His death comes two days after his 84th birthday. Kramer spent many years as an art critic first at The Nation and then at The New York Times. Unhappy […]