October 31, 2020

Hillary has to payback

Hillary has to payback her influence peddling for her time in government. This is what happens when individuals with low moral standards get power. The underlying principal of government is adherence to a moral code that is above established laws, one can easily follow the laws that you agree with, and circumvent those that stand […]

Hillary 2016: What Difference Does It Make?

When Hillary Clinton told Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson “What difference does it make?” during today’s congressional hearing on the Benghazi attacks, she unveiled the slogan for her 2016 presidential campaign. It’s the story of her life. What difference does it make if Hillary was named after Sir Edmund Hillary six years before he climbed Mount […]

Hillary: Israelis Lack Empathy & Generosity

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Aaron Goldstein on 12.3.12 @ 12:05PM A few hours after criticizing Israel for proposed new settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Israelis lacked generosity and empathy towards the Palestinians. Speaking at the Saban Center for Middle East Policy on […]

Hillary Cheered Broadway’s Book of Mormon, Condemns Innocence of Muslims

On Thursday of last week, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton called the video project Innocence of Muslims, the one that may or may not have provoked riots worldwide, “disgusting and reprehensible.” Although Clinton could have seen no more than a 13-minute trailer for the video, she condemned it in no uncertain terms: “Let me state very […]

Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony

As Bill Clinton once again takes center stage at the Democratic National Convention, let’s amuse ourselves by screening the vilest soap opera in American history: Bill and Hillary and Huma and Anthony. This one’s got it all: two sham marriages, sexual perversions, and national treachery at the highest level.  Naturally, the “mainstream media” refuses to […]

Blind Dissident Chen to Obama, Hillary: Help!!!

Via BBC: Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng says he has been unable to meet US officials to discuss his desire to leave the country. The blind activist, in hospital in Beijing, told the BBC he believed Chinese officials were preventing US envoys from visiting him on Thursday. After he escaped house arrest last week, Mr Chen […]

Hillary Clinton Redux?

As the USS Barack Obama is running into increasingly stiff headwinds, the star of Hillary Clinton is rising higher and higher over the liberal horizon.  Buyer’s remorse over Obama’s presidency and the prospect of ignominious defeat at the polls, with the president probably dragging underwater a slew of Democratic legislators frantically trying but failing to […]