June 22, 2021

Herman Cain: A Final Word

I would not blame Herman Cain if he said, Lloyd, I know you mean well, brother.  However, the relentless vitriolic media attacks against me have finally subsided since I dropped out of the presidential race.  My family and I are finally having some peace.  So why on earth would you bring up my name again? […]

Herman Cain Campaign Chief: ‘They Can’t Catch Us’

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Robert Stacy McCain on 11.11.11 @ 12:15AM Herman Cain’s long-term strategy of building grassroots “infrastructures” through the Tea Party movement gives the Republican front-runner a decisive advantage, his campaign’s controversial chief of staff said Thursday. “We run a million miles an hour. And you know what? We […]

Female Intuition, Sexual Harassment, and Herman Cain

As the theatrics and accusations surrounding Herman Cain’s purported sexual improprieties play out, I have concluded that, if the best that Cain’s accusers can come up with is that he made a pass at a female companion, then Cain will continue his upward climb toward the GOP nomination, and, as an unfortunate consequence, real incidents […]

Herman Cain and Human Goodness

I don’t know about this guy Cain.  He doesn’t act like the militant black heroes all the liberals love. I mean, he says he loves Jesus, he sings Gospel at the National Press Club, and he doesn’t hate white folks.  What is he, some kind of weirdo?  This sounds un-American to me. Whatever happened to […]

Is Herman Cain the Answer?

Whenever I see the inane bumper sticker War Is Not the Answer, I always think: That depends on what the question is. If Roosevelt had answered the real question posed to him by the Japanese 70 years ago according to the bumper sticker, then the idiot who pasted the sticker on his bumper would likely […]

Who Will Save New York? Herman Cain?

I’ve just had my fourth grown son move his employment or business from New York State to Virginia.  A fifth had already moved to Colorado.  A daughter and three grandchildren are still here both working and living.  For how long I don’t know because my son-in-law’s situation is fluid and the school taxes they pay […]

Herman Cain’s Campaign Autobiography

A prerequisite for presidential candidates these days is to publish their autobiographies, and Herman Cain is no different.  His book, This Is Herman Cain! My Journey To The White House, profiles Cain’s family life, education, work experience, and philosophy.  Mr. Cain had the time to answer only a few questions for American Thinker.  He and […]

The Power of Herman Cain

One of my first church experiences was also the most memorable.  It was a spontaneous occurrence, when the power went out. I was in a huge, mostly black church in a rough part of town.  This was at a time when church shootings in that city had reached epidemic proportions. The pastor had started delivering […]

Herman Cain: Runaway Slave

I keep having images of Herman Cain barefoot, covered in sweat and mud, wearing an old patchwork shirt and handmade burlap pants held up by a rope rather than a belt, out of breath and frantically running for his life; to freedom. Menacing sounds of barking dogs in the distance focused on Cain’s scent. Not […]

Why Herman Cain (and Almost Everyone Else) Missed the Housing Bubble

Now that Herman Cain has become a top-tier presidential candidate for the Republican nomination, he is receiving a greater degree of scrutiny than ever before.  And that includes efforts by the mainstream media to do what they do best to conservative candidates: prove somehow that said candidates are unfit to serve. First it was MSNBC’s […]