May 28, 2020

Chicagoland: Drunk Driver Crashes Car at 142 m.p.h.; Gets 2 Years of Court Supervision

Via Sun-Times: A Shorewood man who authorities said was driving drunk at 142 mph when he crashed his 2008 Dodge Charger was sentenced Monday to court supervision and community service work. Dean Suominen, 37, avoided a possible jail term by pleading guilty to drunken driving and reckless driving charges stemming from the Jan. 10, 2012, […]

US Gets Permission To Fly Drones Out of Niger

Via The Guardian: Mali Islamists’ war reveals paucity of west’s intelligence on Sahel and Sahara but Pentagon’s move could backfire, analysts warn. The US government appears close to opening a new front in its fight against Islamist militants by planning a new base for surveillance dronesin the west African country of Niger. American forces are already assisting […]

David Gregory Gets Clipped

Tomorrow morning I will have a new piece up highlighting liberal hypocrisy when it comes to guns. A portion of this article focuses on the interview Meet the Press anchor David Gregory conducted with NRA President Wayne LaPierre in which he decried LaPierre’s proposal that every school in America have an armed guard despite the fact his […]

It Gets Even Worse for Newspapers

It’s been a hellish decade for members of the once-might newspaper industry, but the down in Miami, the ink-stained retches have just endured the deepest insult of all. It is now official policy that the Miami Herald’s long and powerful history of dominance over the Miami media is not worth preserving. Andres Viglucci and Elaine Walker […]

What Happens When a Ponytailed Defense Attorney Gets Mugged?

What happens when ponytailed defense attorney Ron Kuby gets mugged?  He screams bloody murder, demands a police crackdown on the alleged assailant, and collaborates with reporters at the New York Daily News to raise the specter of hate crime charges.  Here’s the outline of the story, from the New York Post: Michael Cook is charged with misdemeanor […]

Maraniss Gets Testy as New Obama Bio Tanks

David Maraniss, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Barack Obama: The Story, is getting testy.  And it is not hard to understand why.  The Washington Post diva spent the last four years on his career book, released it in the heart of a heated re-election season, got the kind of exposure a Kardashian would envy, and now […]

Dick Cheney Gets Heart Transplant

Via Washington Post: Former vice president Dick Cheney, who has suffered five heart attacks since his late 30s, underwent a heart transplant Saturday after more than 20 months on a transplant list, according to his office. “Although the former Vice President and his family do not know the identity of the donor, they will be […]

UK singer gets $951,000 in Murdoch hacking case

Singer Charlotte Church, center, arrives with her legal team at the High Court in London to hear the reading of a statement setting out the terms of the settlement for phone hacking damages claim against News International, Monday, Feb. 27, 2012. Charlotte Church, who testified before a media inquiry of being hounded by Rupert Murdoch’s […]

Nadal gets surprise drug test; follows TV skit

MADRID (AP) — Rafael Nadal says he underwent a surprise drug test toward the end of a week in which the Spaniard was the butt of jokes by a French TV program about his country’s alleged ties to doping. Nadal wrote on his Twitter account on Saturday: “8:30 in the morning!!!Just finished passing a surprise […]

Obligatory ‘Justin Bieber Gets a Jesus Tattoo’ Post

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