January 16, 2021

George P. Bush Wins GOP Nomination for Texas Land Commissioner

George P. Bush took the first step toward continuing his family’s political dynasty Tuesday, shaking off an under-funded primary challenger and securing the Republican nomination for the little-known but powerful post of Texas land commissioner.  The 37-year-old Fort Worth attorney is the grandson of former President George H.W. Bush, nephew of former President and Texas […]

George W. Obama: ‘Interrogations at sea a Bush-era anti-terror strategy’

By incarcerating and interrogating the U.S. military’s latest war-on-terror captive at sea, the Obama administration is reaching back to a tactic used during the Bush era. The so-called American Taliban John Walker Lindh, held by the military as prisoner 001 in the War on Terror, was kept aboard the amphibious assault ship the USS Peleliu […]

Civility and the Legacy of George W. Bush

Excessive civility in the face of a national crisis is tantamount to indifference.  The Bush family dynasty exemplifies the patrician attitude of holding oneself above the fray after fulfilling one’s pre-ordained obligation to society.  This may have been fine in the halcyon days of the past, when America’s future seemed limitless and those answering to […]

Get Your Geek On: Taiwanese Animators vs. George Lucas

NRO Live Blog Feed The CornerZandi: Deficit Reduction Can Wait Until ‘After the Election’The Senate Budget Committee held its first hearing in 182 days this morning (when you haven’t introduced an actual budget . . . Go The AgendaRoderick Long on How Ron Paul Should Talk About Health InsuranceAt the Bleeding Heart Libertarians blog, Roderick Long, a libertarian […]