October 31, 2020

How Trayvon’s Knockout Game Went Bad

If no one else, WND, the New York Post, and now Fox News have started paying serious attention to an urban pastime known as “the knockout game” or occasionally as “polar bear hunting,” a phenomenon that has caused at least seven deaths and countless serious injuries. The “polar bear” refers to the invariably white or […]

The Bating Game: Obama Doubles Down

By law, on Friday the executive must begin to cut $ 85 billion from federal spending. Though, as is his wont, the president is blaming the Republicans for what he claims is a draconian measure. No less a Washington chronicler of events than Bob Woodward of the Washington Post considers that a gross distortion of […]

The Collectivist Mind Game, Part 3: Demonizing Human Nature

Part 1: Demonizing the Non-Compliant Part 2: Demonizing the Opposition If Robert Heinlein were to write The Moon today (see Part 1), there’s no doubt his notion of the future oppressive global government on Earth would be very different.  With such forces at play, the free-market revolution in Lunar colonies would likewise be fought by […]

The Collectivist Mind Game, Part 2: Demonizing the Opposition

Part 1: Demonizing the Non-Compliant Most modern-day leftists in Western countries have abandoned the idea of a violent revolution, having replaced it with “the long march through the institutions” as part of the culture war to transform the society through cultural hegemony.  Instead of commanding firing squads, they play mind games of manipulative illusions, in […]

Obama’s Zero-Sum Game and the Coming Redistribution Bubble

As a presidential candidate in 2008, Barack Obama stated to Joe the plumber that the primary goal of government should be income redistribution.  And in reality, Obama has made great strides with regard to income redistribution, having enlarged the food stamp recipient list, for example. At the heart of income redistribution rhetoric is a principle […]

The Socialist Mind Game: A Brief Manual

We are being played; it’s time we learned the game. Conservatives have their Constitution.  Progressives have their Narrative.  The current battle for America is between these two concepts, and each side uses different rules to fight it. One set of rules is consistent with an unchanging objective: limited government and individual freedoms.  The other side’s […]

ObamaCare: Game On for Physicians

The health care fix is now set to be law.  The federal government stepping into administration and provision of medical services is creating a lot of uncertainty and concern among those of us that provide health care service.  We know that there are inequities, cost issues, and other problems with the current system.  But there […]

Game On: EU Bans Iran Oil Imports

Via Yahoo! News: The 27-member European Union voted Monday to ban imports of Iranian oil, and to sanction some transactions with Iran’s Central Bank. The action, passed at a foreign ministers’ meeting in Brussels, immediately bans EU member states from signing any new oil contracts with Iran, and orders the phasing out of existing contracts […]

Game On: Newt Calls Mitt a Liar

Via Los Angeles Times: No more Mr. Nice Newt. As he girds for what is expected to be a disappointing showing in tonight’s Iowa caucuses, Republican presidential candidate Newt Gingrich is lashing out, calling rival Mitt Romney a “liar” responsible for negative ads that sunk the former House speaker’s campaign. “This is a man whose […]

The Iowa Expectations Game

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By W. James Antle, III on 1.2.12 @ 11:57AM Jonathan Karl of ABC News just reported that Newt Gingrich doesn’t expect to win tomorrow’s Iowa caucuses. Earlier today, Rick Santorum was quoted as saying he hopes to finish ahead of Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann — a bar […]