May 31, 2020

Arab Winter Watch: Moroccan Girl Commits Suicide After Forced Marriage to Rapist

Via al Arabiya: A 16-year-old Moroccan girl has committed suicide after a judge ordered her to marry her rapist, according to Moroccan media reports. Last year Amina’s parents filed charges against their daughter’s rapist, a man 10 years older than her but it was only recently that a judge in the northern city of Tangier […]

Liberals Forced to Bare Their Teeth

Liberals were a sorry spectacle this month, when they were forced to bare their teeth on the Planned Parenthood/Komen caper.  A real hegemonic ruling class at the peak of its power doesn’t need to make threats.  Its natives don’t even think about getting restless. That, after all, is why liberals invented political correctness.  Every American […]