March 24, 2019

Free Speech Under Fire in Canada

Here is yet another instance of the Islamic supremacist/leftist war on free speech — particularly egregious in the wake of the Boston Marathon jihad bombings. The message is all the more crucial now. For years, my colleagues and I labored under the most heinous circumstances. Anyone who opposes the jihad and the Sharia must endure […]

Michelle Obama Pants on Fire

For those of you who couldn’t stomach watching Michelle Obama Tuesday night, you missed quite a performance.  She has become a pro at public speaking.  She reads the teleprompter as smoothly as her husband, with emotion added in all the right places.  It went over just fine in the hall, with Democrats mooning over her […]

Holder’s Just-Us Department under Fire

Whether he resigns or is removed or spends the rest of this year responding to Congressional  inquiries, Attorney general Holder has treated the Department of Justice as a partisan arm of the Obama Administration.   Now and for the foreseeable future he is just another Albatross around Obama’s neck. Fast and Furious Let’s review the case […]

Chronicle Editors Pander to Academic Lynch Mob, Fire Naomi Schaefer Riley

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Robert Stacy McCain on 5.8.12 @ 1:24PM What happens when you speak the unfortunate truth about one of the greatest scams in academia? Ask Naomi Schaefer Riley, a veteran journalist and author who has been an editor at the Wall Street Journal, among many other accomplishments. For […]

Militants Fire on Afghan Delegation Visiting Scene of Attack

Via ABC News: An Afghan government delegation visiting one of the sites where a U.S. soldier is suspected of shooting and killing 16 civilians came under fire today. A member of the group’s security team died during the attack, according to the Associated Press, but it’s unclear whether anyone was injured. The group was inside […]

Video: Arsonist Sets Himself on Fire by Accident

NRO Live Blog Feed The CornerThe Stupid PartyI took some grief on the recent NR cruise by telling the group that I thought Mitt Romney would lose . . . Go The AgendaRazib Khan’s Genome Pledge and the Future of the Health SystemRazib Khan, author of a ridiculously stimulating blog, is trying to get the ball rolling on […]