February 26, 2020

Dangerous Times: America will Survive Obama

Can America survive the age of O? Many conservatives are worried sick. Some friends invited me to their Passover seder the other night, and for the first time I really paid attention to the meaning of the words. As you know, the seder celebrates the liberation of the Hebrew people — the Jews — from […]

Dangerous Times: Crypto-Fascism in Italy, Hungary, Greece, Albania

A great sense of alarm is spreading among ordinary Europeans today, especially in the south and east of the continent.  Now even the elitist media are giving us the worst international news since the Cold War. Americans do not want to hear this, either. Well, you may not be interested in evil, but evil may […]

Dangerous Times: Naomi Wolf Sleeps with the Patriarchs

In the past few weeks, militant jihadism has won two major propaganda coups. First, Al Gore, the world’s most famous critic of dirty oil, sold his “progressive network” Current Media, LLC, to the oil sheikhs of Qatar for a reported $ 500 million. Second, Naomi Wolf, renowned author of Vagina: A New Biography and other […]

Dangerous Times: Is Italy teetering?

Italy is the strategic center of the Mediterranean.  The U.S. Sixth Fleet is headquartered in Naples, and with Muslim radicals taking over the southern and eastern shores of the Med, Italy is once again Europe’s defensive line against chaos and instability. Which is why Europe is panicking about Italy’s unprecedented political chaos, triggered by comedian […]

Dangerous Times: How Euro-socialism Set off a Fascist Bomb

In the terrible economic crisis of 1922 Benito Mussolini got 25% of the vote in Italy. Two years later he had more than a majority. You know the rest. In the economic crisis of 2013, Beppe Grillo received 24% of the vote (see last week’s analysis of Grillo’s political beliefs). This week he blocked a […]

The Gun Control Movement’s Dangerous Incompetence

“Dangerous incompetence” means exactly that: ignorance, negligence, and/or dereliction of duty that endangers human life and safety. A medical quack who prescribes medications for patients he has never seen, or without going to medical school and passing a licensing examination, is a prime example. Equally dangerous incompetence, of the kind that can kill people, pervades […]

Dangerous Times: Islamic fascism exploits Euro crisis

Silvio Berlusconi is one of the richest men in Italy, and he is not a fascist. So why is he saying nice things about Mussolini?  Because Berlusconi is watching Beppe Grillo, the comedian and fascist-talker, coming up fast in the election campaign, coming up just two weeks from now.  Vicious race baiting is selling like […]

Dangerous Times: Italy stares Into the Abyss

Italy lost 700,000 Italians in World War I, and then immediately voted in Mussolini’s fascists, which militarized the whole of Italian society. If you wonder why Italians cheat on their taxes today, it’s because they have 25 centuries of experience with nasty tyrants like Mussolini. Well, Mussolini gambled and went to war on Hitler’s side, […]

Dangerous Times: Gimme a General Who Won’t Fight!

It was Lincoln who said “Give me a general who will fight!” That was after the North was defeated over and over again by Robert E. Lee’s smaller and more agile armies. Lincoln’s first generals fought desperately hard, but not hard enough to win. In the upshot, the Civil War dragged out to became our […]

Dangerous Times: John Brennan’s Black Ops

President Obama’s second inauguration could have been a celebration of national unity, but already it has become yet another campaign to scapegoat and marginalize those who have dared to oppose Obama — like the Republicans, gun owners, and Bibi Netanyahu, who was just accused by El Lider Supremo of not understanding his own nation’s best […]