January 21, 2021

A Constitutional Strategy to Stop NSA Spying

The National Security Agency looks at literally millions of phone records.  It captures millions of e-mails.  It sifts through millions of megabytes of private data. And it does this all without following the requirements of the Fourth Amendment. It can be stopped.  How that can be done in a moment — but first, a closer look at current […]

The Mount Vernon Assembly: A Constitutional Convention?

Well this is interesting. Indiana State Senate President Dan Long has sent out a letter to fellow state legislators of both parties inviting them to convene at George Washington’s historic Mount Vernon home on December 7.  Why? To explore calling a Constitutional Convention. Says Long, a Republican, in this article by Dan Carden at an […]

Constitutional Contraception

“…as if a right to free contraception were now a constitutional right and we have to bargain with the genuinely constitutional right of freedom of religion in order to see to see where we’re going to go. That’s bad precedent…” That’s just one of many profound thoughts from Cardinal Francis George in his comments to […]