August 14, 2020

Hannity, Fox Schedules Change Tonight

So after a summer’s worth of speculation, rumor and media gossip, the new Fox evening schedule begins tonight. Greta at 7. O’Reilly at 8. Megyn Kelly at 9. Hannity at 10. It is amazing how much controversy was stirred over the last few months for all of this. For conservatives, the Hannity switch from 9 […]

Chump Change

Let’s hope President Obama doesn’t break his own arm patting himself on the back for returning five percent of his salary, roughly the percentage of sequester cuts, to the federal Treasury. This laugher of a gimmick will cost Obama $ 20,000 of his $ 400,000 presidential salary this year. The cost of operating Air Force […]

Professor Calls for Death Penalty for Climate Change ‘Deniers’

It is as inevitable as the rising of the sun; the Left, when thwarted in their quest for power, suggests the use of lethal force to compel those who disagree. There is a nauseating litany of murders done by our betters in their pursuit of the Benthamite vision of “the greatest good for the most […]

Education ‘Change Agent’ Michelle Rhee: The Left Connection

Who would have thought the ubiquitous education superstar Michelle Rhee would be sitting next to Andy Stern on the board of the Broad Foundation?  Yes, that’s right.  The Republican governors’ siren and CEO of StudentsFirst works alongside the former SEIU leader, who’s visited the White House more than anyone else in the past four years […]

Change of Tune at the BBC

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Reid Smith on 2.13.12 @ 12:10PM Last week, Aaron took the BBC to task for their skewed branding of “extremists.” Apparently the Brits reserve that label for ultra-orthodox Jews and settlers in West Bank, as opposed to violent radicals such as Abu Qatada. Charles Cook over at […]