June 25, 2019

Obama’s fallen and he can’t get up

The tangled web Barack Obama has woven for himself and the Democratic Party, which passed his signature legislation in lockstep, has left him with no way out. The multiple deceptions inherent in Obamacare are becoming obvious, and because they affect the health, wealth and welfare of every American, they cannot be papered over by a […]

Why Can’t They Deport Obama’s Uncle?

Via CNS News: The U.S Board of Immigration Appeals has agreed to reopen the immigration case of Onyango Obama, delaying the deportation of the 68-year old Kenyan who violated an order to leave the United States in 1992. U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), a division of the Department of Homeland Security, confirmed to CNSNews.com […]

D’Souza Can’t Quite Accept the Real Obama

See also: Barack Obama: Anticolonialist or Neo-Communist? In 2016: Obama’s America, the most successful and artful conservative documentary to date, author and producer Dinesh D’Souza takes a step closer to exposing the real Barack Obama.  To get there, however, he will have to remove the obstacles he has set in his own way. “Obama came […]

Obama “Can’t Wait” to Target Waste, Fraud and Abuse in Health Entitlements

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Kevin Glass on 11.15.11 @ 12:30PM In the latest step for his “We Can’t Wait” executive-authority initiative, President Obama is targeting “waste, fraud and abuse” in Medicare and Medicaid in an attempt to cut spending and woo voters. The White House is launching pilot programs intended to […]

Herman Cain Campaign Chief: ‘They Can’t Catch Us’

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Robert Stacy McCain on 11.11.11 @ 12:15AM Herman Cain’s long-term strategy of building grassroots “infrastructures” through the Tea Party movement gives the Republican front-runner a decisive advantage, his campaign’s controversial chief of staff said Thursday. “We run a million miles an hour. And you know what? We […]

Obama ‘Can’t Wait’ for the Rule of Law

President Obama’s proclamation on Monday that he “can’t wait” for congressional action to help underwater homeowners raises two questions. If he already had the legal authority to take action, then why did he wait? Some may frame the second question this way: does Obama’s plan exceed his constitutional authority?  Perhaps the better way to ask […]

The President You Can’t Avoid

Obama is everywhere.  Turn on a TV at almost any hour and surf the channels.  How many clicks of the remote will it take before you see and hear Barack Obama?  How many days go by without a sound-bite or two from him? The answer is “Not many.”  Whether visually, aurally, or both, the living […]

Why Obama Can’t Lead

President Obama’s inability to be decisive and inept leadership stem not from his lack of executive experience, but from his grounding in a specific political culture, the one he sought out in Chicago.  His entry and indoctrination into the political culture of black leadership there have not prepared him for a positive role as chief executive […]