May 28, 2020

Reid Drops Nuclear Bomb and His Party Will Rue its Fallout

Fresh off the disastrous rollout of Obamacare which Senate Majority Leader Reid and (now former) Speaker of the House Pelosi rammed through Congress using unconventional procedures and with zero Republican support, his extremist wing compelled him to make yet another ham-handed move which predictably will hurt his party in the long run more than it will help […]

Dangerous Times: How Euro-socialism Set off a Fascist Bomb

In the terrible economic crisis of 1922 Benito Mussolini got 25% of the vote in Italy. Two years later he had more than a majority. You know the rest. In the economic crisis of 2013, Beppe Grillo received 24% of the vote (see last week’s analysis of Grillo’s political beliefs). This week he blocked a […]

FBI Arrests Man Planning to Bomb DC

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By Aaron Goldstein on 2.17.12 @ 5:55PM The FBI arrested Amine El Khalifi, a Muslim from Morocco here in the United States illegally, for attempting to detonate a suicide bomb at the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. He was detained a few blocks away from the Capitol. However, the […]

Bomb Blasts Target Govt. Offices in Damascus

Via NYT: BEIRUT, Lebanon — Suicide attackers detonated two powerful car bombs outside government offices in Damascus on Friday, in what appeared to be the most brazen and deadly attacks against the government since the start of the uprising in Syria in March. Dozens were killed at the State Security Directorate headquarters and another security […]

1 police killed in bomb at Kenya refugee camp

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A Kenyan government official says a roadside bomb exploded in Kenya’s largest refugee camp near the border with Somalia, killing one police officer and wounding three. Provincial commissioner James Seriani says the explosion took place in the Dadaab refugee camp on Monday. It’s the third such roadside bomb attack in Dadaab […]

77 U.S. Troops Wounded by Truck Bomb in Eastern Afghanistan

Via Fox News: Nearly 80 American soldiers were wounded and two Afghan civilians were killed when a Taliban truck bomb struck an American base in eastern Afghanistan on the eve of the 10th anniversary of the Sept. 11 terror attacks against the United States, NATO said Sunday. Saturday’s blast shaved the facades from shops outside […]