August 14, 2020

Barack Obama: The Man Behind the Mask

Sixty-three months ago Barack Obama officially declared his candidacy for President.  Only now are some among the so-called media and ruling elites in America slowly awakening from their self-induced infatuation and beginning to understand who he is.  It has become difficult to ignore the overt intimidation, demagoguery and deliberate falsehoods spewed forth by Obama relative […]

The Numbers Behind Obama’s Gay Marriage Dilemma

Print Email Text Size The Spectacle Blog By W. James Antle, III on 5.9.12 @ 11:55AM Two numbers explain Barack Obama’s incoherence on gay marriage more than any other. According to the Washington Post, one in six of Obama’s top campaign bundlers — the fundraisers who bring together major donations — are gay. In Hertford […]

You Are Left or You Are Left Behind: Lessons in Multicultural Cruelty

Dear Conservative Friends, Below I have reprinted one of the most painful letters I have ever received.  Sandra and I (as all names herein, this is a pseudonym) were the only two people in our doctoral program cohort for three and a half years.  As a team of two, we took the same courses and […]