September 27, 2020

Battle of the Budgets

On Wednesday President Obama presented his 2014 Budget Proposal — two months later than required by law. Even the Obama cheerleaders at Reuters glumly confess, “it has little chance of becoming law.” Obama’s budget joins two earlier budgets presented last month which also have little chance of becoming law: the House budget authored by Paul […]

How Congressional Republicans Can Win the First Battle in the Spending War

What does one do when confronted with the mandatory task of negotiating a deal with someone who is demonstrably dishonest, driven solely by ego and only interested in embarrassing you?   You don’t negotiate with them. You place your best offer offer on the table and walk away leaving the decision to accept or refuse in the […]

The Soul-Crushing Scorched-Earth Battle for Gay Marriage

How much is victory worth?  And after you win, if you win, what do you have to show for it? As these principles go with warfare, so they go with propaganda.  The Greek word polemos, “war,” led not to the English word “war,” but rather to the English word “polemics.” The gay movement is not […]